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Introducing a total end-to-end marketing solution that converts check images into market intelligence

Most financial institutions don’t realize that the best marketing intelligence for their company is right in front of them. ImageIntell is an integrated marketing solution that allows financial institutions to gain a competitive advantage by obtaining market intelligence through a check imaging system. ImageIntell gives these institutions an opportunity to increase their market share and bottom line by creating highly-targeted marketing lists, simplifying research quotes, enhancing cash management services and maximizing the data value of the institution’s check imaging system.

Besides the marketing and revenue implications, ImageIntell also addresses privacy and legal issues by offering a marketing intelligence portfolio with the “cleanest” consumer data gathering methodologies available. Institutions are able to collect and process data in-house and notify customers on certain activities. This gives the institution complete control of their customer information. ImageIntell also validates checks against the terrorism list database to make sure your bank is in compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act.

ImageIntell is a cost effective
marketing intelligence tool.

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