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Frequently Asked Questions
What is ImageIntell?
ImageIntell is an integrated marketing solution that allows financial institutions to gain a competitive advantage by obtaining market intelligence through a check imaging system.

Who is NETBreeze?
NETBreeze, Inc. is a global marketing solutions firm with a unique approach to providing business strategies for a wide range of companies. The NETBreeze suite of services include marketing and business plan development and consulting, corporate and product branding and rollout, sales training and proposal tracking, telemarketing and direct mail programs, presentation development, trade show strategy and backup, as well as collateral, newsletter and Web site development.

What are the modules of ImageIntell?
ImageIntell consist of 5 modules:

What is the Marketing Plan module?
During this phase NETBreeze marketing strategists work with the financial institution to define the specific areas of focus.

What is the Information Extraction module?
During this phase, we will take the images provided by the financial institution and run these through the ImageIntell software. This process pulls all the data from the images and puts this into a database.

What is the Information Analysis module?
In this phase the information from the information extraction module will be analyze for quality and information value. A report will be created for senior bank management to set the expectation of the program.

What is the Marketing Launch module?
NETBreeze provides marketing material and support for the specific areas of opportunity covered in the marketing specification phase.

What is the Market Tracking Module?
This module provides the bank with, an automated marketing tracking and reporting system. NETBreeze will track the success rate along with the call rates to ensure we are meeting the expectation set forth in the marketing plan module. NETBreeze will furnish senior financial executive’s monthly progress reports on the success of the program.

What fields can be obtained from a check?
ImageIntell can collect various data. Below is a list of the most common, however, the solution can be customized to gather specific data.

How much does ImageIntell cost?
There are two types of pricing models.

Enterprise Model: You pay a software license fee, professional services fee for installation, and a monthly retainer for program management and marketing.
Exchange Model: You pay a monthly retainer based on the volume of images.

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