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How It Works
ImageIntell extracts specific information from the images of checks it receives from the bank or financial institution. This information includes such items as the name of the payer or payee, addresses, ABA routing numbers, and account numbers. Whether the data gathered is combined or used individually, this valuable information then provides strategic information used for creating and executing a strategic and targeted marketing campaign.

Each resulting marketing campaign is then tailor designed to meet the financial institution’s individual needs and is executed through ImageIntell’s five tier marketing process; Planning, Extraction, Analysis, Implementation and Tracking

Step 1: Marketing Plan
ImageIntell is a powerful marketing tool that will help to improve the accuracy of your customer database and enhance marketing research capabilities. NETBreeze’s team of marketing strategists will then work with you to define the specific areas on which you would like to focus. A timeline, internal contacts for calling and visitation programs and collateral are then all determined for each area defined. We will also prioritize prospects based on information acquired by ImageIntell.

Step 2: Information Extraction
During this phase, we will take the images provided by the financial institution and run these through the ImageIntell software. This process pulls all the data from the images and puts this into a database. The twelve fields of opportunity that ImageIntell can extract are:

Once this phase is complete, the analysis phase will take place. During analysis, we take a deeper look at the information and how it can be used to create a successful campaign.

Step 3: Information Analysis
During Information Analysis, the extracted information is processed giving a total image count and accuracy report, known as a database query. This query simplifies the search and retrieval functions for records. This phase allows users to get a “snapshot” of the customer base and enables them to target and build customer contact lists.

Using the detailed report generated from the information, the marketing strategists at NETBreeze provide the financial institution with the expectations of the program. At the completion of this phase, the information is entered into the launch module for execution.

Step 4: Implementation/Market Launch
NETBreeze marketing strategists provide marketing materials required for the specific areas of opportunity covered in the marketing specification phase. These marketing materials include:

Additionally, NETBreeze will meet with employees and offer training.

It is our goal to provide clients with great market intelligence that will lead to increased revenue. NETBreeze will recommend several program options and the tools necessary for implementation. The programs may include direct mail pieces, calling programs, visitations, or a mix of all three.

Step 5: Market Tracking
As part of the monthly retainer, NETBreeze provides, an automated marketing tracking and reporting system. This allows NETBreeze to track the success rate of the launch to ensure that expectations are being met. Monthly progress reports will be submitted tracking the results.


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